Cheatsheet King is a fantasy football tool that helps you build a simple customized cheatsheet to bring to your fantasy draft.

The draft is regarded by many as the most exciting day of the fantasy season. This is especially true for live drafts. At a live draft, you will notice that every person has their own setup. The younger, more modern folks bring only their phones and laptops, while the old schoolers bring pens, paper, magazines, folders and notebooks. But what we all share in common is... the cheatsheet - the master list of player rankings which helps us navigate through the draft.

There are tons of sites that provide nice cheatsheets. And most would work just fine for both novice and veteran fantasy players. The issue is that it's impossible to find that one perfect cheatsheet. There is always a tweak or two to be made. Maybe because you just feel good about a player and think he should be ranked higher. Or maybe your league has unique scoring settings such as PPR, or points for return yardage, or bonus points for big runs. Whatever the case, this affects how your players should be ranked. So you always end up aggregating a bunch of research from a bunch of different sources and try to put together the best cheatsheet for your league. Cheatsheet King helps you put together that one cheatsheet.

Cheatsheet King gives you the ability to create as many different league setups as you want, each with your own customized scoring options. Once you've done all your research at your favorite fantasy sites, use Cheatsheet King to fine tune your rankings. Compare players side by side and make minor adjustments. Once you're done, print a simple one page cheatsheet to take to your draft and you're ready to go. Don't be the person who is holding up the draft, shuffling piles of papers, surfing the web, trying to make last minute decisions. Make Cheatsheet King your last minute draft prep tool!